7 Ideas to Travel the World with a Possibility for Additional Income

7 Ideas to Travel the World with a Possibility for Additional Income

Traveling around the world is a dream shared by people, however, it takes lots of money and planning to make the perfect travel, but not in all cases, not at least for those who travel the world almost free of charge and gained profits as well.,

If you asked a public question – in a forum or social networking site – what would you do if you got one million dollars at once? Most of the answers you will receive will include traveling around the world!

The reason is not that the presence of money created the desire to travel, but the desire exists for everyone, but travel costs are the only drawback! Who does not dream of traveling to Australia? Who among us does not think about migrating to Canada? Who among us does not imagine himself in Paris? Who does not wish to spend a week in Malaysia? Who do not want to move between countries and meet people of different nationalities ?! No doubt all of us this man, no doubt too little of us can achieve something of it!

But you also can! Here is the solution in seven ways to travel around the world for free, and you may even win from them too!

1. Work in a foreign country

The easiest way to travel is to work in a foreign country! Academic certificates and practical experience are not always required; sometimes you need to learn the basics of the language you need in your work or residence in the country where you travel.

2. Work Rep 

Did you know that some producing countries – such as Malaysia – offer jobs that require travel in Asia as a functional mission? You will be working in Malaysia and then be assigned to several countries in Asia such as Hong Kong, Thailand, Singapore, and China! The employer pays the travel and accommodation expenses and even pays you a salary above that! Do not worry; foreign countries receive online employment applications, there is no difference between you and the resident of the same country; because they will receive his application online too! It takes just a little research to find companies where such opportunities exist.

3. Adding work in the airlines

If you think that hosts and flight attendants are moving from one plane to another, you are wrong! The flight attendant’s career has the opportunity to travel to countries where he travels – especially on long flights – for no fee!

4. Working in Agriculture with WWOOF 

A global organization that welcomes volunteers unconditionally; to work in agriculture around the world, providing you with travel, accommodation and daily meals for your work in agriculture and the pleasure of seeing new places and meeting new people!

5. Teaching Arabic and English 

Did you know that there is a growing demand for learning Arabic in Western countries ?! Whether to deal with Arab nationals or to identify Arab and Islamic culture. If you have experience in teaching Arabic, you can travel to teach in America, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France, Britain, Spain or other countries.

What about English? If your English is strong, you can speak fluently, and know its rules and vocabulary well; it’s a golden opportunity to travel for free! What most people do not know is that many foreign countries – such as Germany – need their citizens to learn English, and welcome those who travel to teach them the English language. All this is paid, travel and accommodation! If you like the idea, you can access the Diverbo site and look for a similar opportunity!

6. foreign scholarships 

If you are of college age, you can join one of the scholarships abroad, whether for university or postgraduate studies such as diploma, master’s or doctorate. There are dozens of scholarship offers including all travel, accommodation, study and even monthly fees! As well as you will return to your country with a university degree or graduate studies distinct from your peers! Is there any greater opportunity to take advantage of such grants to visit foreign countries and benefit scientifically and academically ?!

7. Sit at home and follow YouTube!

If you do not fit any of the previous methods, you still have a chance! True, it is not a real travel; it will open a magic window for you to look at the countries you dream of visiting! Just enter on the YouTube site and write in the search box: (Tour in the streets …) or (Living in …) and write the name of the country you want to visit! You will see dozens of clips uploaded by travelers and residents there as if you have already moved to them.

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