9 Interesting Documentaries You Should Watch

9 Interesting Documentaries You Should Watch

Documentary – Wikipedia defined – is a dynamic film intended to document certain aspects of reality, for the purpose of learning or maintaining the historical record. The Polish writer and director, “Bolzav Matuszewski” among those who made the way of documentary films towards the light. In this article, we review together with a great list of ten documentaries worth watching.

1. Where is the next invasion?

A documentary film directed by Michael Moore, entitled “Where to invade next?”, Travels to different countries to find innovative solutions to difficult US problems. Some people say it “shows the truth of the Americans and their miserable lives.” Others believe that it shows people the crimes of the United States of America and its effects on the world. Michael Moore recounts the facts and speaks to people in a way that gives a comedy to the film, which makes him very maddened.

2. man

The artist and director Jan Arnos Bertrand spent three years collecting real stories from thousands of men and women from 60 different countries to produce a documentary called Human. In his work with a dedicated team of translators, journalists and photographers, Jan capture themes of a deep and personal nature that touch and unite us; such as conflict with poverty, war, anti-religion, and the future of our planet mixed with moments of love and happiness. The film is interesting and inspiring, and in some cases surprising.

3. Diving in the unknown

A wonderful documentary, “Diving Into the Unknown”. The scenario is as follows; a marine exploration mission in a water cavern faces a tragic accident, and 4 divers escape from the incident. But the authorities prevent them from returning to retrieve the bodies of their friends, they take the adventure and challenge the authorities and return to retrieve the bodies of friends.

4. Before the flood

The documentary was directed by Oscar-winning actor Leonardo DiCaprio. Leonardo is the world’s most important interlocutor, investigating the consequences of global warming and the actions taken to reverse those effects to produce the documentary entitled “Before the Flood.”

5. Adolf Hitler – The True Story

Adolf Hitler, born in Pranaau, will forever change the world’s history. The series of documentaries from 27 episodes in his childhood and the death of his father to his broken dream of becoming an artist, and then his entry into politics, his service in the army, the decorations, the book he wrote (my struggle) and most importantly the revival of Germany and the entry into World War II . It also covers the impact on Germany after the defeat in World War II until the fall of the Berlin Wall.

6. Journey to the edge of the universe

As a National Geographic with both English and Arabic versions, she always fascinates us with her delightful documentaries. In the scientific film “Journey to the Edge of the Universe”, we go on a stroll to the far ends of the universe. The documentary speaks sideways about the arrival of man to galaxies much further than our Milky Way galaxy (if you love English documentaries, continue the seven-part film).

7. Iraq is in shrapnel

If you want to know the real things that have happened in Iraq lately, the film “Iraq in Fragments Iraq in Fragments” will help. The American director spent two years filming the documentary; he finished filming in 2005 and started it after the US occupation. The film was nominated for the Academy Award for best documentary in 2007.

8. China War

In this short black-and-white documentary titled “The Battle of China,” the story of China’s wars in recent centuries, from World War, Civil War, Regional War, etc., the skirmishes between China and Japan, and the defeat of China, the heinous.

9. Fantasy Forest

Accompanying – this wonderful documentary – deer for a full year, test the birth and breeding of a small deer and deepen their world, portraying life in the “magical forest” in which otters, crabs, kittens and many other animals including the rare raccoon dog. This documentary is a great source of fun for amateur animals.

I hope you have found in this article what reinforces your great love in documentaries, and I think all of this is fun, useful, and informative.

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