Beautiful Turkish Home Furniture

Beautiful Turkish Home Furniture

Spending on choosing the beautiful Turkish home furniture

Beautiful Turkish home furniture has a high density in the Turkish market as Foreigners have already spent about $ 850 million on the preparation of their homes in Turkey within the first 10 months of 2018, according to Farouk Akbal, chairman of “Nevita Real Estate”.

Real estate sales in Turkey for October 2018

Akbal said that real estate sales in Turkey reached a record in October 2018, registering more than 6000 apartments, an increase of 134.4% compared to the same period last year.

In the first ten months of this year, foreigners have owned up to 30,431 houses in Turkey in the first ten months of this year, an increase of 69.8 % over the previous year, Akbal said.

             Statement  Number   The increase over the same period in 2017
Number of apartments sold in Turkey for October 2018 6,000 134.40%
Number of houses sold in Turkey until October 2018 30,431 69.80%

TRY 4.5 billion are spent on the finest Turkish home furniture

Akbal pointed out that foreigners have spent on the preparation of their houses in Turkey with household and electrical appliances and the most beautiful Turkish home furniture about 4.5 billion Turkish liras, which is equivalent to approximately 850 million dollars.

For his part, said Nuri Gorgan, chairman of the Association of businessmen and furniture makers in Turkey: The largest share of sales of furniture was the share of Gulf Arabs and Russians.

Association of Glass Sellers Chairman, Ismail Erdogan, said that the electrical and kitchen appliances such as pots and dishes are the most purchased by foreigners during the same period last year, pointing out that foreigners spend through their credit cards annually about 23 million Turkish lira on shopping, and selecting the finest Turkish home furnishings.

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