10 Features to Buy Xiaomi Phone Instead of IPhone

10 Features to Buy Xiaomi Phone Instead of IPhone

March 5, 2019 0 By Gobble Turkey Articles

Xiaomi phone is one of the most recent types of phones that are not known to the public about them and their products so much, so it is necessary to know and read about them. gobble turkey articles

If you tried to calculate the types of phones in the global market as you can, to the excessive and varied diversity. However, there are few types that have been able to impose themselves – and strongly – on the list; for the quality of their manufacture and to meet the needs and price of consumers. At the top of the list are Apple’s (iPhone) phones, but the high price has allowed other companies to top the list. The most striking example of this is the Xiaomi phones.

What is Xiaomi phone?

Xiaomi Chinese company was founded in 2010 by businessman “Lee John”. The company has produced 13 successful products such as TVs, routers, ecosystem products, and smartphones. The company simulates in its devices and its way of operating Apple sometimes called “Apple East” or “Apple Chinese”. Rely on the Android system in its devices and offer them at a cheaper price than the competing devices and the quality of approach.

We will highlight the Xiaomi phones; because of its many characteristics, make it the first in your list of choices if you are a fan of the Android system.

1- The constantly updated MIUI interface

It’s the biggest feature in the Xiaomi phones! This interface is a modification of the Android system, giving the user new features and features. What’s more, they keep up to date with updates every month or every two weeks, making you feel like having a new phone every time, rather than waiting for Android updates every year that do not support all phones.

2- Integration of most practical applications in the phone

The MIUI interface has many applications, so you will not need to download or purchase them from Google Store, such as multi-faceted application, video and image editing application, video screen recorder, floating circle that makes you assign some quick shortcuts on the home screen, Microsoft Document Editor, Call Recorder, QR Code Scanner, and endless Xiaomi Themes and Backgrounds.

3- Control of other devices remotely

Xiaomi supports its IR Infra-Red phone with integrated control software for air conditioning, TV, fans, displays, etc., integrating many different brands of these devices.

4- Powerful camera

The Xiaomi phones have a powerful front and rear camera, which comes with front flash in some versions with a dual rear camera also, which helps isolate the image well.

5- The second interface property

Where you can create a second copy of the phone interface so that each interface has its different characteristics from the other in terms of view and lock some applications, password, and footprint. It is similar to customizing users on computers. You can switch between the two interfaces very easily.

6- Dual applications

Xiaomi phones enable you to solve the problem of multiple accounts on the sites and applications of communication, instead of having to log out of Twitter and enter again to move from your public account to the business account; Two at a time.

7- Large screen

Featuring large size screens – perhaps the giant in some versions – giving you a great experience watching videos, reading and games. It also makes the most of the screen split feature of Android Noga and above; you will not feel the small size of the application even with a split screen for half.

8- Elegant shape

As we have said, the Xiaomi model simulates the shape and design of Apple phones, comes in a stylish and attractive, relatively lightweight. It also displays application icons directly on the home screen without using the display interface.

9- Mi Forum

It is a special application for the users of the company – which is shortened to Mi – where they are allowed to communicate and transfer experiences and solutions to problems such as Twitter. And even more than that! This application contains different groups for each version so that members of each group can search for solutions to problems you are experiencing, request technical assistance, or query for update news. You can also report any problems you may encounter in your use of the phone through a special application.

10- After-sales service

Xiaomi provides customers with an excellent after-sales service to solve any problem you may have with your phone, including switching your phone to a new one if necessary. The popularity of Xiaomi phones is increasing day by day, and the company is always surprised by new and outstanding versions.