How Do You Win a Job Offer from the First Interview?

How Do You Win a Job Offer from the First Interview?

A job interview is a stage in which any job seeker goes through. This is the first stage of success at the job or the last stage for you to take advantage of this opportunity. And hardly find a site, but has been difficult on this issue and included the expected questions and how to answer them. The answers have become stereotyped and well known. For example, if you were asked: Why do you want to change your current job? The typical answer: “I’m looking for an opportunity to develop,” or “I’ve done everything I can in my current job and I’m looking for a company where I can accomplish and expand my knowledge.” But all these answers have become cliche and artificial and shows the employment officer false these answers because they are also expected.

The other type errs at this stage by deliberately or unintentionally ignoring some of the important things that can attract and attract the employer.
In this article, I would like to share some important points that if followed will get the job, God willing.

Ask who you will meet and look for in the network

Find out who you will meet well. A simple piece of information that can get your attention and focus on it during the interview and raise the interest of who will meet and give you priority during the interview. Identifying the person you will meet will help you test the right subjects and avoid the inappropriate ones, which in turn will contribute to creating an atmosphere of harmony and harmony with the person you will meet.

Do not neglect the company’s website

Many applicants overlook the company’s website to identify the company, its activity, the business model followed, the quality of the environment applied, and even the company’s products. This, in turn, will make your interviewer tend to be unbalanced and confused by the answers, and then show you in front of the employer awkward position and as a result may lose your chance to win the job.

Your presence as a knowledgeable and knowledgeable person will leave a special impression on the company owner that you are a reliable and suitable person for your team even if your experience is not great. Some people talk a lot about the speed of learning and love to learn, but without evidence will be just words do not settle in the mind of the interview.

Do not neglect interview planning

Plan before going to interview and anticipate certain expected questions and attitudes such as meeting you for a director of the same nationality or a senior manager of a lifetime or a dry and harsh manager, and son interview scenarios so that you end up winning this opportunity.

The person who has a plan knows where to go. As they say, “When you do not have a plan, all the roads will lead you to the unknown.” Good planning gives you a preference to behave in different situations in a way that suits each situation.

Think differently

Most job interviews go on routinely while employers look for people to make a difference in their dealings, mechanisms, or prove they are job-seekers. So think in different ways. Think of a particular model that will help the company improve its business or study points in the company that needs to be improved and make suggestions. Think about why your recruitment can add to the company and try to put these ideas in the course of your interview.

Search for the company in the network

Search the company for the company, the company, the competitors, and the field that the company specializes in, as is the case with the person you will meet – mentioned as your first assignment. This will give you a greater chance to create an atmosphere of familiarity with the owner of the company or the person in charge of the interview. Also, get to the interview early and know about the institution and the place, this will create an atmosphere of satisfaction and reassurance, which in turn will affect your ability to ask questions and discuss ideas.

Try to create a balanced and confident initial look

They need you as you need them, and if you have not impressed their admiration for what you are called to meet, just trust yourself and go. During the interview, make the interview effective, ask, inquire and discuss. Let the question of the financial section be put forward by the employer.

Your interaction with the person you meet will give you an initial insight into the company’s secrets and opportunities, and at the same time show you a more confident and balanced employer.

Send a thank-you message and try to communicate

Continue with whom you met through your LinkedIn account and continue to follow up until you get an answer no matter how negative or positive this answer is. Each time, ask when you can continue again.

Following these steps will increase your chance of winning this opportunity and will push employers to make a better offer. If you follow these tips, you will get your chance, God willing.

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