Stuck with ideas for painting? Here are 6 sources of inspiration Try it today!

Stuck with ideas for painting? Here are 6 sources of inspiration Try it today!

February 26, 2019 0 By Gobble Turkey Articles
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Ideas for painting, if you hang your thoughts and meditate and meditate and consider the long look around you, draw a simple scribble with the pen and brush, and smear the oil colors with your hands to inspire you

Sometimes when you look at a blank page, your mind becomes empty, too, longing to draw with a pen or a brush, but what will you draw? Here are six sources of inspiration that prepare you to start drawing using a pen or brush, or even create a scrapbook. Once you start, you will find that one idea brings another idea. The most important thing is to hold the pencil in your hand and begin to innovate.

When you find yourself in a state of stagnation, try to pick one theme idea only to discover it in harmony for several days or even weeks, and then write written notes of your thoughts and feelings in your sketchbook, while this “different thing” might be great , But you do not have to work on a subject that does not interest you – just look for a new artistic perspective as you work –

Creativity in everyday things

Some of the most beautiful works of art are concentrated in everyday life, where your artwork can be applied to a simple thermocouple, or the piece of fruit is a source of inspiration for a simple and beautiful drawing. Then you can pay attention to the finer details and give them value, or find a moving field and create a harmonious atmosphere for you. To draw one thing with a pen and brush in different ways, make a scrapbook or draw a page from the sketchbook a picture of your favorite cup – which is on your kitchen table – and note the reason for your love for it.

Silent Graphics Projects

How do I prepare a silent graphics?

  • Draw a pear as a painting of a silent nature
  • Be aware of people with meaning: Draw yourself, your family and friends.

Projects of drawing personal images

  • A wonderful simulation drawing
  • Fit face

The inspiration of the garden and nature

Forget the idea of trying to paint the tedious personal pictures of celebrity pictures in glossy magazines, and draw real people to the people who are the focus of your interest. The personal pictures – the portrait – provide you with a spontaneous model, a long way for artists to express their deepest feelings. They seek to spend their daily lives, or print their drawings in detail; these drawings can become a memorial wealth, and property inherited by the family generation after generation.

Projects drawing nature and landscape

  • Draw the sky
  • Draw trees

The shapes of natural composite subjects may go beyond the fun of drawing with a pen and brush, and no one knows whether your drawing is an intermittent line or an incarnation of a leaf? Your drawing of nature can also be challenging and complex – it’s up to you as you can explore nature close up, painting foliage and pine fruit, or drawing large-scale landscapes.

Animal Drawing Projects

  • Draw the zoo and wild animals
  • Drawing cats
  • Draw a dog

Paint your sleeping pet next to the fireplace, paint them as they play, or draw from a photo taken in natural light at the pet’s eye level. Enjoy a day of painting at the zoo. The zoo animals offer you some interesting challenges, how to draw crocodile skin or fur The spotted leopard? Create sequential pages from the scrapbook or sketchbook with drawings from the zoo, draw the entrance with the wall or fence along the bottom of the page, and draw visitors who come to see the animals.

Flying with imagination

Look at the paintings inside the books and the Internet for inspiration, see how the artists interpreted these subjects, do you agree with them? Take the traditional ideas of the 21st century, find friends to make them a model. The accurate analysis and correct fall of light and shadows are important in creating imaginative imaginations, creating scrapbook pages or sketchbooks that suggest a story, smear the pages with tea Or diluted ink, and draw decorative borders and imagine that the dragon or witch in your life one day.

The inspiration of literature and films

He created an extraordinary fictional character. Have you ever read a description of a character or a scene in a book that presents life to your imagination clearly and in line with reality so that you imagine it as a film in your head? Try to paint the scene! If you like a book that made a movie from it, try to take the movie out of your head, then read it again, or try to recreate the scene with different actors.

Simply start just by scribbling…