The Best And Oldest Books And Novels In The World

The Best And Oldest Books And Novels In The World

Culture has always been the true beacon of all, and reading over time has been and continues to be the beginning of the road, for all lovers of reading in different books and beautiful novels, which make us live a new story of endless stories and stories, we offer you the best collection of old books and novels that It had a great impact on the whole world.


Republic of Plato:  

Tell the virtuous city, how will life with culture, society, individual, family, economy, and industry, how will life with science, knowledge and technology, how will life with values, principles and ethics, to create a new world of freedom and science and away from injustice and ignorance and other absurdities.



Art of War:

One of the most important works in the field of warfare, the owner of the Chinese author, “Sun Tzu,” which was written in 600 BC, is the main reference to all military and military strategies both old and modern.



Thousand and One Nights:

One of the most famous books that tell the many stories that contain fun and beauty and strange enough, no one knows so far who are his authors and if they collect as a group of authors and not only one, stories include stories from Kufa, Persia, India, and Basra.



Quartets tents:

was translated author Ahmed Rami, author of genius Persian philosopher Omar Khayyam, the book offers to take advantage of every moment in life and enjoy it and all its meanings advice they are shorter than can imagine, so it is necessary to leave the obstacles and focus on the beauty and the meaning of life.



One of the world literature that is mingled with classic stories, is a brilliant tragic drama that has influenced a large number of its readers, a long novel carrying the agony and sorrow enough, to the great author William Shakespeare.



The novel “Les Miserables”:  

Modern World Tragedy, the great French literature, which accurately describes and excels in style, presentation, and suspense, how French society lived and how its life was between misery, bitterness, and torment, its author Victor Hugo, presented in five volumes.



Iliad – Homer:  

What happened in the war of nature, this is what Elias, to confirm the true meaning of ancient Greek literature, has influenced many areas of cultural and social life?



Count de Monte Cristo: 

After the reign of Bonaparte in France, this novel appeared to display in a new and interesting style what happens in revenge, murder, and other interesting events, by the wonderful author Alexander Dumas.



A Hundred Years of Solitude:  

Great Latin literature, featuring modern lifestyle and beyond, was a great piece of art by Gabriel Garcia Marquez.



A story of my experiences with life: 

 The most famous biography in the world, the late leader Mahatma Gandhi, has influenced the lives of many around the world, and the biography is more widespread and influential as well.




The most famous months of Nazi leader Adolf Hitler, who divided the world and human beings into strata, depending on their race and genealogies, and made Aryan society the best class of human beings at all.

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