Tourism in the United States

Tourism in the United States

The United States is one of the largest countries in the world and one of the most important destinations of international tourism because of the diversity of its components of nature and modernity and many tourist attractions.

America has a number of famous cities around the world, which attract many tourists as well as visitors to it for many purposes such as study or migration, for example.

Traveling to America is extremely suited to most tourist desires and you see who are looking for beaches and recreation heading to Miami’s charming beaches, who loves nightlife meant New York City bustling and many more.

New York

New York City is located on the east coast of America, and the Hudson River in the New York Bay is the Atlantic Ocean. It is the most visited city in the United States; it received 59.7 million visitors in 2016.

The most popular landmarks include Empire State, the Statue of Liberty and Central Park. Artisans can visit the Metropolitan Museum of Art with more than 2 million pieces of art, preferably in the afternoon, and attend a theater show on Broadway in Manhattan.


Chicago is the second most popular tourist city in the United States. In 2016, it had 54.1 million visitors, the third most populous city in the United States. Chicago is located on the shores of Lake Michigan and the weather is accompanied by strong winds This is why it is called Windy City, and its visitor can enjoy its beautiful unique architecture, as well as multiple shopping venues, and visit the Art Institute of Chicago, which houses more than 100,000 works of art.


The city of Atlanta is visited by about 51 million tourists in 2016, one of the major cities in North Georgia, and its tourist attractions: the Georgia Aquarium, which has several thousand And the largest in the world until 2012. Atlanta also has the Atlanta Center of History and the Michael Carlos Museum, which has the largest collections of Egyptian, Greek and Roman art.

Los Angeles

The state of Los Angeles is a city of energy and enthusiasm, as well as multicultural and also described as complex. The landmarks to visit include the Star Walk of Fame, the Getty Center, And the Lacma Museum.

Tips for tourists in America There are some things to consider when traveling to America, including:

  • Visit the Scenic Parks: In America, there are many national parks with different types of unique animals, such as gray bears and beautiful landscapes.
  • Smile and behave gently with others : While traveling in the United States, a person should treat others kindly and ask questions to them, as well as be patient and use polite words such as: Thank you, please, in this way the people of the city will want to show the most beautiful in their city to the tourist.
  • Recognizing the importance of time: Americans prefer to deal with appointments accurately; when the interview is agreed at eight o’clock, be careful to be on time, or arrive a few minutes ahead of time; the time of things that are taken seriously in America.

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